Get Paid to Read SMS | Make Money from Your Mobile Phone

mGinger is the first of its kind opt-in permission-based mobile marketing platform in India.

mGinger pays you to read ads on your cellphone! These ads are only about your interests. Not only that, you get to decide when you want these ads.

mGinger is an intermediate between the advertisers and the customers. They get paid by the advertisers for advertising and promoting their(advertisers’) products. They help advertisers’ by making their products reach millions of people and we get paid for reading those advertisements on our cell phones.

Earn money for reading ads on your mobile. Get SMS ads of only those products that you want to buy. Get ads at your convenience. Save money through discount coupons and offers.

Earn much more money by inviting family and friends. Once you sign up with mGinger you can decide how many ads you want to receive everyday, at what time(you can decide the convenient time slot for yourself). If you have a very hectic schedule you can fix just half an hour or one hour for receiving ads, say between 6 and 7 in the evening. You will receive only those ads which are of your interest(you can personalize the category after signing up).

  • Get paid to receive sms on your mobile. 
  • Send free SMS and get free games. 
  • Be informed on local deals and discounts. 

mGinger-tricks. ~ play smart, get more ads ~.

Below is the rate at witch you will be paid.
  • 20 paisa for every ad you receive
  • 10 paisa for every ad your friends receive
  • 5 paisa for every ad your friend's friends receive
Accumulate Rs.300 & receive a cheque.

mGinger now gives you more than one option to earn money. The new payment policy goes as follows:
Verify your mobile @ Rs 3:
mGinger will now pay you more & more. If you haven’t verified your mobile, verify it right away & mGinger will add Rs 3 back to your earnings within 24 hours. Once your mobile is verified you’ll start receiving messages & get paid for each incoming SMS.

Refer your friends and get Rs 2 on each valid referral:
More friends, more money! Invite as many friends as you can to your mGinger network and get Rs 2 added to your mGinger earnings on each valid referral. Just to remind you again, you will also keep earning money with each incoming SMS that your friends receive.
Verify your e-mail @ Rs 1:

Verify your e-mail and get updates, notifications & reminders about your mGinger account. That’s not all; mGinger will also add Rs 1 to your account as soon as your email is verified. Just click on the email verification link and you’re sorted!

Click here to join mGinger. I am sure you will like it.


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