SBI 3D Secure Service

In view of increasing number of frauds occurring on SBI DC (State Bank of Debit Card) via the ATM Pin Validation Method, the bank has migrated the validation to VBV / Secure code password verification.

How do you register for the VBV / Secure code password?

1As the ATM Pin can no longer be used to complete your SBI ATM/Debit card transactions, you have to now register your SBI ATM / Debit card on the SBI website
2Click on Register Now
3Enter Card No.
4Once you have entered Card No, the system will prompt you for your ATM PIN.
5Next, it will prompt for your Verified By Visa / MasterCard Securecode password.

Please note that henceforth, registration and usage of Verified By Visa and MasterCard SecureCode passwords is mandatory to make online purchases on all websites. 

All transactions will be validated using your SBI ATM /Debit Card and your VBV / SecureCode Password only and NOT your ATM Pin. Therefore Click here to register and instantly get your VBV/Securecode password now.


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